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Program: Grade 9 French

Course: FSF1D

Grade: 9

Level: Academic

Semester: 1/2020-2021

Teacher Name: Kelly Harris



This course emphasizes the further development of listening, speaking (oral communication), reading and writing skills.  Students will build on and apply their knowledge achieved in their previous study of French while exploring a variety of topics related to their daily lives.  There are many possibilities from which to choose and develop themes for this course.  Some of these choices might include: travel, using media and the Internet, relationships, Canadian multiculturalism, volunteering, the world of art, personal beliefs, hobbies and pastimes, planning for the future.  A variety of readings and visual and audio media, including a selection of Bible passages, excerpts from stories, film clips, audio clips, articles and poems will serve as stepping stones to oral and written activities. The themes will facilitate the integration of technology and incorporate the use of a variety of media resources. The aim of the program is to provide students with functional communication skills in French and an understanding of the nature of the language and its culture.  Core French offers to the students a valuable educational experience and the chance to develop a usable command of the French language that can be expanded through further study or through contact with French speakers.

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