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Program: Social Sciences and Humanities

Course: Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar: Faith and Culture

Grade: 12

Level: University

Semester: 2, 2019-20

Teacher Name: Mr. Brad Armishaw



This course will help students develop and consolidate the skills required for and knowledge of different subjects and disciplines to solve problems, make decisions, create personal meaning, and present findings beyond the scope of a single subject or discipline. Students will apply the principles and processes of inquiry and research to effectively use a range of print, electronic and mass media resources, to analyze historical innovations and exemplary research; and to investigate real-life situations and career opportunities in interdisciplinary endeavors.

This course is designed to help our students become more aware of the philosophical presuppositions of the ideas driving our world and of the implications of those ideas in a variety of intellectual and practical fields. In this interdisciplinary course, students will explore the social, artistic, political, economic and ethical expressions of philosophical pre-suppositions and frameworks. They will reflect critically on these expressions, especially focusing on the faith perspective. They will develop their own responses, rooted in the application of a Christian worldview based on biblical principles. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, students will also explore ways in which spiritual powers and principalities shape our communal and individual lives. They will gain understanding of Christianity as as a relevant cultural force with a long tradition of positive cultural engagement which provides an alternative of hope in a world searching for its spiritual roots.

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