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Program: Social Studies Program

Course: IDC4O, Interdisciplinary Studies, Senior Seminar; Faith and Culture: Where Faith Meets Life

Grade: 12

Level: Open

Semester: 2, 2019-2020

Teacher Name: Nancy Lendore



This course emphasizes the development of practical skills and knowledge to solve problems, make decisions, create personal meaning, and present findings beyond the scope of a single subject or discipline. Through individual and collaborative inquiry and research into contemporary issues, real-life situations, and careers, students will apply the principles and skills derived from the complementary subjects and disciplines studied, evaluate the reliability of information, and examine how information technology can be used safely, effectively and legally. They will also learn how to select strategies to define problems, research alternative solutions, assess their thinking in reaching decisions, and adapt to change as they acquire new knowledge.

Ideas shape our world in a host of explicit and implicit ways. In order for our students to develop the discernment associated with a mature Christian mind, Redeemer has created this opportunity to explore the philosophical and religious depth of a variety of aspects of their world. This course is designed to be a culminating study in which students will have the opportunity to reflect on their experience using the material and expectations from a number of courses. The course is designed around the great philosophical questions which people have asked throughout the ages and gives students opportunities to explore answers expressed in a variety of practical settings and situations.  Through this exercise, students will have opportunities to deepen their wisdom with their exploration occurring in the context of Biblical reflection.

Prerequisite: None

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