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Program: Social Sciences and Humanities

Course: HRT3M

Grade: 11

Level: University/College

Semester: 1, 2018-2019

Teacher Name: Mr. David Vance



This course provides students with opportunities to explore various world religions and belief traditions. Students will develop knowledge of the terms and concepts relevant to this area of study, will examine the ways in which religions and belief traditions meet various human needs, and will learn about the relationship between belief and action. They will examine sacred writings and teachings, consider how concepts of time and place influence different religions and belief traditions, and develop research and inquiry skills related to the study of human expressions of belief.

Course Documents

Upcoming Evaluations and Important Dates

  • Wednesday, January 9: Hindu Temple visit
  • Thursday, January 10 (new date!): Hinduism test
  • Friday, January 11: Hinduism assignment due at the beginning of class (see here for additional information).

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