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Program: Arts Program

Course: AVI3M Visual Arts

Grade: 11

Level: University/College Prep

Semester: 2, 2019/2020

Teacher Name: Mr. Kaarid



This course aims to challenge students to grow in three areas; namely, critical analysis, experimentation with abstraction, and representing landscapes.  We will focus entirely on abstraction and landscapes for this semester.  Students will be faced with tasks and challenges that will force them to think in abstract ways about representation in art.

Artmaking is, simply put, a worldview.  Artists use their gifts to shape, sympathize or sense reality.  Of particular importance in the formative teen years, students will gain the ability to discern what they experience in the real world and, in turn, take that and create within a Christian worldview.

Exam Review

Coming soon!

Units Of Study

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Ink
  • Art History
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