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Cafeteria Information for the 2021-22 School Year

The cafeteria will not be operating this semester, as students will be eating their lunches in classrooms. However, pizza can be ordered for delivery to the classroom on Tuesdays, at a cost of $2 per slice. Pizza is available by pre-order only; there will be no cash sales. We will have safety precautions in place for receiving and distributing the pizza.

Parents can pre-order pizza using this form. The cost is automatically deducted from the student account. Orders become effective on the Monday following the form submission date; so, for example, to start receiving pizza on Tuesday September 14, you would have to order by Sunday September 12 at 10pm (Once a pre-order has been submitted it remains in effect until the end of the semester, unless you change it by submitting a new pre-order form.)

If a student is absent, their pizza will be stored in labeled Ziplock bags in the fridge for them, which they can collect the next day (for extended absence pizza will be stored in freezer) We will not be able to re-sell it to others.


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