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Meal plans available during lunch

Redeemer Christian High School is pleased to offer meals for our students five days a week, and provide a healthy selection of snacks and drinks as well. Anyone wanting to pre-pay for a semester meal plan can complete the Redeemer Cafeteria Pre-Order Form with details about what meal(s) you wish to pre-pay. The cost is automatically deducted from the student account. Orders become effective on the Monday following the form submission date; so, for example, to start receiving pizza on Tuesday, September 20, you would have to order by Sunday, September 18 at 10pm. Once a pre-order has been submitted it remains in effect until the end of the semester, unless you change it by submitting a new pre-order form.

Students may also choose to pay cash for their lunches and snacks; however it is cheaper to pre-order lunches by the Sunday before the week you require the lunch. Lunches not pre-ordered are sold for $4, except for pizza which will be $2 per slice for pre-order or $2.50 per slice short-order while pizza lasts.

Students have access to microwaves, toaster and kettles in our cafeteria so they can heat up a lunch, toast a bagel or bread, or boil water to make instant soup.

We serve food only during Redeemer’s designated lunch period. Different meal combinations are available during a two week period, alternating between Week 1 and Week 2.


Meal Plan 2022-2023

Week 1



Monday – Pasta with meat sauce, roll and veggies $3  $4
Tuesday – Pizza $2 per slice  $2.50 per slice
Wednesday – Walking taco or taco salad* $3 $4
Thursday – Chicken burger with chips or veggies $3  $4
Friday – Chicken Caesar salad $3  $4

* The taco salad is gluten-free.

Week 2

Monday – Rice with meatballs and veggies $3  $4
Tuesday – Pizza slice $2 per slice  $2.50 per slice
Wednesday – Sub/wrap with chips or veggies*
 OR Butter chicken with rice
$3 $4*
Thursday – Chicken burger with chips or veggies $3  $4
Friday – Chicken souvlaki plate $3  $4
*Subs/wraps are available by pre-order only.


Other items available for purchase include:

  • Pizza Pockets – 2/$1.50
  • Taquitos with salsa/sour cream – $0.50
  • Bagels – $0.75
  • Leftover pizza or chicken burger – $1
  • Cream cheese, Becel, or jam – 2/$0.25
  • Mayonnaise, ranch dressing, salsa or sour cream – $0.25
  • Juice box or water bottle – $0.50
  • Small chocolate milk – $0.75
  • Large chocolate milk – $1.25
  • Snacks – $0.50
  • Welch’s, Fruitsations, Fruit-to-Go, raisins- $0.25
  • Apples – $0.50

The cafeteria is a social place where students not only eat their lunches, but spend time with friends, do their homework, and participate in fun activities run by Student Council.

We’re so thankful for our parent and student volunteers who help us run the cafeteria. From managing the volunteer schedule to buying the groceries to serving our students on a weekly or bi-weekly bases, your contributions make the cafeteria at Redeemer possible.

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