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We hope the following links, schedules, and information will be useful to students, in particular grade 12 students who are in the midst of discerning where God is leading them as they get ready to make choices for the future. If you are in need of any additional information, or have questions, be sure to contact Redeemer’s guidance counsellor Jason Grootenboer.

Students should be in the midst of researching and gathering information regarding university, college, apprenticeship, work, etc. choices for next year after graduation. All students who plan to apply to university or college should do so before the Christmas Break. Therefore, it is very important that students look into specific options and programs now. Students can also discover more about potential schools and programs by attending information sessions at specific universities or colleges in which they are interested, visiting campuses, browsing the websites and other materials of post-secondary institutions, speaking to representatives at the colleges/universities, attending the college/university UIP/CIP events, etc. All of these efforts will help students make important decisions in the next couple months

Scholarship Links

Universities and Colleges offer many different scholarships that you may qualify for. Check the course calendars of the various institutions that you are interested in for specific scholarships available. Also, here are a couple of excellent web sites that will assist your search:

Applying to University in Ontario

Applying to any university in Ontario is done through a centralized website:

Cost: $150.00 for 3 choices, $50.00 for each additional choice

Application Deadline: January 11, 2017 (Earlier the better, although students can make changes to their application until February 3, 2017)

Final day for students to hear a response from Ontario Universities – May 26, 2017

Information on Ontario Universities –

Applying to College in Ontario

Applying to any college in Ontario is done through a centralized website:

Cost: $95.00 for 5 choices

Application Deadline: February 1, 2017 (Earlier the better, starting at the end of November)

Thinking about Christian universities? If you are planning to apply to Christian Colleges/Universities or any other Colleges/Universities outside of Ontario, be sure to complete your application forms and inform Mr. Grootenboer if transcripts need to be sent. Pay close attention to the dates!

ACT and SAT Testing: Students interested in applying to Universities in the United States may be required to write SAT’s or ACT’s. You must register for these tests on-line at:

Additional Opportunities:
Explore – Live the Canadian Experience – Five Week French-Language Bursary Program

If any students are interested in discovering another region of Canada while learning French, check out or call 1-877-866-4242. Students will enjoy five weeks of learning, adventure, friendship and discovery. (Most expenses are covered) Brochures are available in the guidance office if you would like more information.

SHAD – Enrichment Opportunity – Summer 2017 (Accepting Applications)
SHAD is a life-changing, intense, and unique summer enrichment program that brings together academically strong and well-rounded students in grade 10, 11, and 12. Participants live in residence for four weeks with 50 of their like-minded peers at one of 12 leading universities across Canada. The program focuses on science, engineering, math, entrepreneurship, and business, but there are also lots of fun and recreational activities like camping and hiking. You leave the program with 50 great new friends, increased self-confidence, a better understanding of the options available to study at university, and a strong desire to tackle and overcome personal and social challenges. It’s the pre-university experience of a lifetime but the opportunities don’t end when participants leave their campus. For example, there are internships, university scholarships, alumni clubs, network opportunities, and venture capital funding that are available only to SHAD alumni. You can learn more about the program at

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