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Our Graduates–Character and Habits

Learning Portfolios and Graduate Interviews

Students are encouraged to formulate, share, and celebrate their own life’s story and learning progression. The students collect learning artifacts for their portfolios, recording their development in obtaining Redeemer’s motto:  devoted to Christ, dedicated to excellence, and committed to serve.  Some of these artifacts may be:

  • a significant learning accomplishment
  • an area of giftedness and interest
  • a reflection of gaining maturity in living out our motto
  • a highlight of the student’s journey through high school: service experience, project, learning assignment, class trip, or friendship

The Grade 12 students present three items from their portfolio to a panel of supporting adults. Also, at this time, they engage in a conversation about their own personal story by answering several questions. For example:

  • How has your education and time at Redeemer impacted your faith and worldview?
  • Tell us about a challenge or difficulty you faced that you were able to overcome and grow from?
  • What impact did the forty or more hours of community service have on your life?
  • How have you changed as a learner during your high school years?
  • What are some ways in which you might consider using your gifts and interests to serve in God’s world after high school?


Overview for Students & Portfolio Entry Journal Form

Grade 12 Portfolio Interviews:  Information for Students, Parents, and Panelists

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