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Volunteers contribute to community

At Redeemer, parents are encouraged to contribute their time and talents, help recruit new families, and assist in our fundraising efforts through our Family Volunteer Hours Program.

Parents who volunteer have an increased sense of community and commitment and help us keep tuition fees as low as possible.

How does this program work?

Two-parent families are asked to do 30 volunteer hours per year, and single-parent families are asked to do 15 hours.

Upon registration, every family submits a $500 cheque, post-dated to June 1 of the following year. During the year, they keep track of their volunteer hours on the Volunteer Hours Form. Once the required number of hours are complete and the form is submitted to the school by June 30, the post-dated cheque is destroyed.

If some, but not all hours are completed, partial payment will be required. Families who do not wish to participate in our volunteer program will pay $500 in lieu of volunteer hours.

Who can contribute to the family volunteer program?

The whole family can contribute to our volunteer program: parents, children, and even grandparents or relatives.

Students who have volunteered in or for our school outside of school hours and have more than their required student community service hours, can transfer some of their hours to their family to help fulfill their family’s volunteer hours. We do ask that children under the age of 18 who are volunteering under this program be supervised by their parents who are expected to work alongside them.

Volunteer jobs with students require police check

Volunteer jobs that involve supervising or driving students require you to have a police records check for service with the vulnerable sector done ahead of time. If you have a current copy of a police check, please submit to the school office.

If you require a police check, you can contact the school office for a volunteer letter. You need to bring a copy of the volunteer letter from the school, the police form, and appropriate identification (such as a passport and driver’s licence) to your local detachment. Volunteers do not need to pay for a police check.

For people living in the City of Ottawa, print the Police_Record Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector form. People living in outlying areas need to pick up a form from their local Ontario Provincial Police detachment.

Track hours in excess of required amount

We ask that you keep track of all your volunteer hours, even if your family exceeds the 30 hours. This will help us know how much volunteer time is put into our school to keep it running and can be used as a guideline for planning future activities and events.

See Current Volunteer Opportunities for ways you can volunteer and make a difference at Redeemer.

Accumulate volunteer hours faster

There are two faster ways to accumulate volunteer hours.

  1. Refer a new family. Refer a new family to Redeemer, not already on our prospect’s list, and when they enroll you get all your family volunteer hours for the current year.
  2. Ask your church to hold a collection for Redeemer. A collection of $500 nets you all your required volunteer hours for the year and a collection of $250 nets you half your volunteer hours.

Start tracking your volunteer hours today — access the
Volunteer Hours Record form.

Volunteers who help in the office may be asked to sort used uniform items, to update databases, or to help with a mailing. Let our office administrator know how you would like to contribute and she’ll find a task for you that fits with your interests and abilities.

Volunteering to input and tally bids from the Dinner Auction is one way this couple achieved most of the their family volunteer hours in one evening.

Parents who volunteer to coach a team or who are working directly with students need to submit a current copy of a police check to the office.

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