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By volunteering your time and talents for Redeemer, you enrich our programs and help us keep our costs down. Please consider the following volunteer opportunities:

  • Dinner Auction volunteers are needed to plan as well as help set-up, serve and take-down for our annual fundraising event. Other duties include help to solicit auction items, displaying them, and helping with payment. Please contact the office for more information.
  • IT support is needed to help maintain our computer systems. If you have expertise in this area and could coordinate a team, please contact Kim Triemstra at or call the school at 613-723-9262.
  • Cafeteria help is needed one afternoon a week or once every two weeks for an hour and half to run the cafeteria. Supervise student volunteers and prepare simple meals like pizza, chicken burgers, and bagels. Contact the office,, for more information.
  • Do you have a green thumb or love to work outdoors? Redeemer is looking for some volunteers to help clean up the yard. Contact the office for more information,
  • Do you drive your children to school? If you do, consider staying a little longer on Tuesday mornings and join us for Parents in Prayer. We meet during the school year on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. for one hour and pray for our school, usually in room 209 on the second level.  Need more information? Email
  • Are you an accomplished pianist? Ms. Visser is looking for an accompanist for our choir, for the last couple of practices prior to performances, and for performances.  If you have experience accompanying a singer or choir, please contact Ms. Visser.
  • Do you like making short videos and have the equipment and expertise to edit them? Our school needs more current video content on our website and our FaceBook page. Videos need not be super fancy or long. If you have real-life experience in this area, please contact Berber Bosch at
  • Are you a parent or student who loves our school? We are always looking for testimonials for our website, or newsletter, the Redeemer Reminder. Tell us why your family has benefited from being part of the Redeemer community and get volunteer hours in the process. Even if you feel you cannot write about your experience as a Redeemer family yourself, if you are willing to spend time being interviewed, please contact Berber Bosch. You can get volunteer hours just by letting us interview you and share your story.
  • Do you enjoy writing?  There is always a need for stories and articles for our website, our Redeemer Reminder, and news releases. If you know have excellent writing skills and you’d like to write articles for us and get your volunteer hours this way, please contact Berber Bosch.
  • Mrs. Harris and Mr. Kaarid, our Athletics Directors, are often looking for parents or grandparents who are willing to coach one of our sports teams, or to be an assistant coach, or to just organize drives to games, or a trip to an out of town tournament. If your child will be playing on a particular sports team anyway, consider playing an active role on that team during the school year. If this sounds like something you can do to collect your volunteer hours, please contact
  • If you have a hobby or passion you’d like to share with teens on an on-going basis, consider coming into the school one lunch period a week this year to run a club.  (Photography? crafts? dance? juggling? guitar? golf? what’s your passion!) If you are interested, contact David Naftel. The activity does not have to run all year – it could just be once a week for four, six or eight weeks.
  • Currently, our Promotion Committee is looking for new members.  If you have skills that would be valuable to our Promotions team (writing, computer design and layout, creating short videos, photography, or event organization) please contact Berber Bosch. Our Contract Partnership Committee is also looking for new members–contact Linda Delean for more information. Doing committee work and attending committee meetings is an ideal way to collect all your volunteer hours. Keep track of all your hours throughout the year, and hand in a tally sheet in June.
  • Please remember that attending school meetings gets you volunteer hours.
    • Don’t forget to attend our Spring Membership Meeting and get family volunteer hours in the process. The meeting is on Monday, May 25th, 2020: coffee time at 7 p.m., the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.  Bring your spouse and double your hours.
  • Another great way to get all your volunteer points at once is to refer a family that is not already on our school’s leads list. If your referral results in a brand new family signing up, you will receive all your volunteer points for the next school year. So get out there and talk up Redeemer to all your friends and neighbours. Don’t forget to invite or come with them to one of our Open Houses in November or February.

Get a copy of your Volunteer Service Points Form here.

Volunteer jobs that involve supervising or driving students require you to have a Police Check done ahead of time. For people living in the City of Ottawa, download the Police Record Check form here.  People living in outlying areas need to pick up a form from the O.P.P.

If you need volunteers for any event, please contact Cathy Dentz with the details, to have it posted in the Redeemer Reminder and on this website.
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