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At the end of each school year, Redeemer takes time to celebrate student success. We award our performers, our math contest winners, our athletes, and students who participate in student life, intramurals, and other extracurricular activities that encourage personal growth. We also measure success by how students volunteer their time at school and in the community.

Congratulations to the students who participated in student life and won awards on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at our annual Awards Ceremony. We’re so proud of all our students who are developing their God-given gifts and talents.

Arts Achievement Awards

  • Band Award: Mya J.
  • Choir Award: Kendra J.
  • Arts Outstanding Performance Awards (Drama): James B., Lucy G., Thomas G., Nathaniel H. and Samuel O.
  • Arts Outstanding Performance Award (Sound): Zacchaeus L.
  • Arts Senior Achievement Awards: Lucy B., Nathaniel H., Emily N., and Kaylyn P.
  • Arts Barnabas Award (Around the World in 80 Days and Choir): Zoë H.
  • Arts Most Improved Award (Band): Maddie T.
  • Cappies (Lead Critic): Elizabeth G.
  • Model UN: Lauren H.

Academic Math Awards

  • Math Pascal Contest for Grade 9 (certificate): Thomas A., Cedric J., and Elizabeth V.
  • Math Fermat Contest for Grade 11 (certificate): Daniel V.
  • Math contest medals awarded to top student in each grade with score above the average: Elizabeth V. (Grade 9, Pascal), Isaiah P. (Grade 10, Cayley), Daniel V. (Grade 11, Fermat), Emily T. (Grade 12, Euclid)

Service Awards

  • Special Service Award (Cafeteria): Naomi V. and Amber W.
  • Special Service Awards (Chapel set-up/Dinner Auction): Paul E. and Alexa W.
  • Worship Team Awards: Kayla A., Emily N., Zoë H., and Alexa W.
  • Bible Study Leadership Awards: Kayla A., Emma A., and Lucy B.
  • Outstanding Inspiring Heart Service Award: Evie A.
  • Student Council Awards: Kayla A. and Thomas G.
  • Ugandan Mile Recognition (raised more than $500): Hannah B., Sarah M., Peter B., Jeremy O., Sarah B., Katrina H., Kaylyn P., Amber W., and Mr. Vance


  • Outstanding Female Athlete: Akira C.
  • Outstanding Male Athlete: Brenden H.
  • Intramural Sportsmanship Awards: Kyle W. and Jacob F.
  • Golf–Spirit Awards: Sarah M. and Devon H.
  • Sr. Girls Basketball–Most Valuable Player: Lucy B.
  • Sr. Girls Basketball–Most Improved Player: Marika Y.
  • Sr. Girls Basketball–Spirit Award: Hannah B.
  • Sr. Boys Volleyball–Most Valuable Player: Zacchaeus L.
  • Sr. Boys Volleyball–Most Improved Player: Ryan S.
  • Sr. Boys Volleyball–Spirit Award: Kyle W.
  • Sr. Girls Volleyball–Most Valuable Player: Sarah M.
  • Sr. Girls Volleyball–Most Improved Player: Lucy G.
  • Sr. Girls Volleyball–Spirit Award: Elizabeth G.
  • Jr. Girls Volleyball–Most Valuable Player: Akira V.
  • Jr. Girls Volleyball–Most Improved Player: Sophie G.
  • Jr. Girls Volleyball–Spirit Award: Carmen G.
  • Badminton–Most Valuable Player: Jackson S.
  • Badminton–Most Improved Player: Julianna J.
  • Badminton–Spirit Award: Nicolette Ellens
  • Jr. Boys Volleyball–Most Valuable Player: Ryan M.
  • Jr. Boys Volleyball–Most Improved Player: Josiah L.
  • Jr. Boys Volleyball–Spirit Award: Daniel B.
  • Sr. Boys Soccer–Most Valuable Player: Sam O.
  • Sr. Boys Soccer–Spirit Award: Crispin C.
  • Sr. Girls Soccer–Most Valuable Player: Isobel K.
  • Sr. Girls Soccer–Spirit Award: Kayla A.
  • Midget Girls Track and Field–Most Valuable Player: Doyin O.
  • Midget Girls Track and Field–Spirit Award: Carmen G.
  • Sr. Girls Track and Field–Most Valuable Player: Cilicia P.
  • Sr. Girls Track and Field–Most Improved Player: Elizabeth G.
  • Sr. Boys Track and Field–Most Valuable Player: Thomas G.
  • Sr. Boys Track and Field–Most Improved Player: Matthew Dykstra
  • Sr. Boys Track and Field–Leadership: Jacob T.
  • Cross Country–Most Valuable Player (male): Xavier J.
  • Cross Country–Most Valuable Player (female): Elizabeth G.
  • Cross Country–Spirit Award: Carmen G.
  • Workout Dedication Award: David N. (staff) and Elizabeth G. (student)


  • Sportsmanship–Female: Kayla A.
  • Sportsmanship–Male: Jonathan L.

Note: With the exception of our graduates, academic awards are given to the students in the fall.

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