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How Redeemer is funded

Redeemer Christian High School is an independent school, outside of the two public systems, so we receive no direct government funding. Our school is financed by parents of children enrolled in the school through tuition payments and by our supporting community who pay annual school association membership fees and make donations to the school.

We do not operate on a fee-for-services-rendered basis because the value of Christian education is immeasurable in financial terms, and the viability of the school depends on more than the financial contributions of parents. For example, the efforts of unpaid volunteers, and the significant assets such as the land and building which have been provided by previous supporters, contribute substantially to our ability to offer a comprehensive education program.

Sliding scale tuition

To ensure adequate financial resources for the operation of the school and equitable sharing of that obligation, tuition at Redeemer Christian High School for Canadian students is based on a sliding scale formula. For the 2023-2024 school year tuition is 13% of your total family income from all sources to a maximum tuition of $15,300 per year and a minimum tuition of $8,600. In other words, if your gross family income is more than $117,693 you pay the maximum and less than $66,154 you pay the minimum, but if it’s in the middle, you pay 13% of that figure.

This tuition is a family rate, not a per student rate. However, there is an additional fee of $500 for every extra child enrolled at Redeemer. Only families new to Redeemer are asked to pay a non-refundable application fee of $250.

In addition to tuition, there is a student incidental fee of $500 per student. The student incidental fee covers the non-refundable textbook usage fee, the year-end class trip (additional charges for the Grade 12 class trip) and funds a student account. A student can draw up to $200 from their account to purchase school related incidentals such as a uniform item, sports team fees, a student yearbook, bus tickets, and more.

Parents are also required to submit a $500 deposit to cover volunteer hours. The cheque, posted to June first of the year following enrollment, will not be cashed if they complete their 30 volunteer hours for the school year. For more information see our Family Volunteer Hours Program.

We believe our sliding scale tuition makes Christian education more accessible to all families.

Discount agreements with elementary schools

Redeemer Christian High School offers a discount in tuition for families with younger children who attend independent Christian elementary schools in the Ottawa area. If you have a child enrolled in a school listed below at the same time you have a child at Redeemer, please contact the Business Manager for more information (

Redeemer has tuition discount agreements with the following Christian elementary schools:

Edvance Christian Schools

Canadian Reformed

Religious education qualifies for charitable donation receipt

The federal government allows parents/guardians who choose a faith-based school for their children to use a portion of the tuition fees as a charitable donation for income tax purposes. Through a formula, schools calculate what the Canada Revenue Agency calls the cost-per-student (CPS). This figure is re-calculated each school year. The CPS is charged for each student attending the school. The CPS is deducted from tuition fees paid to Redeemer and the remainder qualifies as a charitable donation for tax purposes. This means that for most families, the after-tax cost can be less than the pledged tuition amount.

Tuition payment options

Redeemer accepts different payment options. You can pay annually, quarterly, or monthly in ten equal payments. We accept post-dated cheques or you can use pre-authorized debit.

Note: Pledge forms for returning students are found under Student Forms. See Admissions Process for application forms for new students.

Redeemer offers a family rate tuition structure. If you have two or more children at Redeemer at the same time, you pay your base tuition plus an additional $500 per child.

Occassionally, students need to pay for things related to school activities, like an entrance fee for a race. This money can be drawn from their student accounts.

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