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Answers you may want to know

How long has Redeemer been in existence?

Redeemer Christian High School has served the Christian community in Eastern Ontario for more than 40 years. In 1974, a small community of educators and parents committed to the principles of faith-based education formed the Community for Christian Learning, which then began operating Redeemer Christian High School. The school opened in 1975-1976.

For the first twenty years, we rented facilities at various Ottawa locations until we moved into our present building on Colonnade Road in 1997. In 2013, we added dedicated science rooms, built a music and drama studio, and expanded our gymnasium and cafeteria.

How many students do you have?

Redeemer has grown to approximately 190 students, encompassing grades 9 through 12.

How is faith integrated into your program?

We strive to teach all of our subjects from a Biblical perspective. Some subjects allow for more of that than others, but teachers make a continuous effort to make connections between concepts and Biblical applications in all subjects. Students begin every day with devotions in their homeroom class and the school community meets together for chapel every Wednesday morning.

Do you have French immersion?

Redeemer does not have French immersion. We offer a core French program, and supplement it with additional courses in French. Students have the option of taking grade 9 Geography or grade 10 History in French.

Students with little or no previous French language experience, can take our Open French course. This is an introductory course where students will begin to understand and speak French in guided and structured interactive settings and situations that are relevant to their daily lives.

How will my child integrate with other students if they didn’t come from a feeder school?

Redeemer welcomes students from our traditional feeder schools, public and Catholic schools, as well as students who have been schooled at home and abroad. Most students come from Ottawa and the surrounding communities. We have families from Renfrew to Orleans, Gatineau to Morrisburg sending their children. Many of these students do not know each other before they come here.

To help grade 9 students get to know one another, they go on an overnight retreat within the first few weeks of school. Students learn that their individual actions and reactions can either build up or tear down community. Our aim is to help them establish a loving and truthful community where they care for each other.

Since we are a small school, it’s easy to make students quickly feel welcomed in the senior grades.

Who controls this school?

Redeemer is a society-controlled school. Our society is open to parents, educators, and community members interested in promoting and maintaining the distinctive Christian character of Redeemer. We are governed by a Board of Directors elected from within the society membership. The Board sets policy and supervises our administrative team. Led by our principal, the administrative team looks after the daily activities of the school.

Why should we send our children to your school when we can send our kids to the public or separate schools for free?

We believe our school does an excellent job of helping Christian parents raise their children with a clear Biblical perspective. We want children to lean into life knowing that God has a claim on their lives. We help parents and the various churches equip students with a Christ-like sense of purpose and mission.

How much does it cost to send our children to your school?

Tuition is based on family income and $500 for each additional child per family. Tuition fees are determined at the general spring membership meeting of the Redeemer Christian School Society and are listed on the application form. Extensive financial support is provided to lower income families through a sliding scale tuition formula.

Is your school a charitable organization?

Yes, Redeemer is a nonprofit charitable organization.

How does the school’s status as a charitable organization make a difference to our tuition?

Because Redeemer is a registered charity, a portion of what parents pay comes back as a charitable donation. The other portion is known as the Cost Per Student, which is not eligible for a tax receipt. The difference between the amount paid and the Cost Per Student portion is the amount that can be claimed on your tax return as a charitable donation.

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