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Program: Languages

Course: FSF1O

Grade: 9

Level: Open

Semester: 1, 2017-2018

Teacher Name: Mme. Ashley Visser



This is an introductory course for students who have little or no knowledge of French or who have not accumulated the minimum of 600 hours of elementary Core French instruction. Students will begin to understand and speak French in guided and structured interactive settings, and will develop fundamental skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing through discussing issues and situations that are relevant to their daily lives. Throughout the course, students will develop their awareness of diverse French-speaking communities in Canada and acquire an understanding and appreciation of these communities. They will also develop a variety of skills necessary for lifelong language learning.

Course Documents

Units Of Study

  • Introduction to French
  • Salut! Ça va?
  • En Route
  • Chez Gigi
  • Les Sports Extrêmes
  • Ecoutez la musique
  • Au Centre d’achats
  • Ma Famille
  • Allons au Cinéma

Upcoming Assignments and Evaluations





Les Sports Extremes Unit Test

Students will be evaluated on sports vocabulary. They should be able to conjugate regular -ir and –re verbs as well as partir, sortir, dormir, servir, prendre, apprendre, and comprendre as well as all previous verbs.

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