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Program: Languages

Course: ENG3U/C

Grade: 11

Level: University / College

Semester: 1, 2017-2018

Teacher Name: Mr. David Vance



This course emphasizes the development of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will analyze challenging literary texts from various periods, countries, and cultures, as well as a range of informational and graphic texts, and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms. An important focus will be on using language with precision and clarity and incorporating stylistic devices appropriately and effectively. The course is intended to prepare students for the compulsory Grade 12 university or college preparation course.

Unit Schedule

The complete schedule for this unit can be found here.

Important Dates and Upcoming Evaluations

Grammar task we’re currently completing:

Typically, we will study grammar on Mondays and Thursdays. Right now:

  • Students should complete the first two sections of the worksheet on NOUNS!

Vocabulary words we’re currently working on:

Typically, on Tuesdays and Fridays we will study vocabulary. Students should have sensible definitions recorded for each of these words, and underneath, they should include one sentence of their own creation to demonstrate mastery of its use:

  • frugal
  • imminent
  • incessant
  • recourse
  • recur

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