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Program: Arts Program

Course: AVI3M Visual Arts

Grade: 11

Level: University/College Preparation

Semester: 2, 2016-2017

Teacher Name: Brenda Ypma


Introductory Paragraph

This is a studio course, where all work is completed in class, with the exception of a weekly drawing. Throughout the semester we will be exploring a wide variety of mediums and techniques. We will be honing skills that we were starting to develop in AVI20. Students will learn more about how to manipulate mediums like acrylic paint and watercolour. Students are expected to experiment, and to work to make the various materials convey the ideas they have, based on what they learn about the various artists we study. We will use the creative process to generate ideas and develop concepts. Students will create original works of art as well as learn more about how various contemporary and historical artists worked. Students will also learn to analyse and reflect on their own work and the work of their peers through critiques in class during the development of, and after the completion of each project.

Course Documents

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