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Program: Art

Course: AVI20

Grade: 10

Level: Open

Semester: Semester 1, 2017/2018

Teacher Name: Mr. Kaarid



This course enables students to develop their skills in producing and presenting art by introducing them to new ideas, materials, and processes for artistic exploration and experimentation. Students will apply the elements and principles of design when exploring the creative process. Students will use the critical analysis process to reflect on and interpret art within a personal, contemporary, and historical context.

Units Of Study

Next assignment due in:






Sketchbook Assignment #1

Step One:

Find a piece of art somewhere in the classroom that you like.

Step Two:

Study it.  Look at it.  Think about it.

Step Three:

What do you see?  Do you know anything about it?  If not, what might it or the artist be all about?  How does it make you feel?  Why did you choose it?  Write about it.

Step Four:

Draw it.


Personal Journey of Art

You are to illustrate your artistic life in the way you best see fit.  I want to see how you can solve this challenge in your unique, God-given way.  I would suggest having both a written and a drawing portion to this, however, the written component isn’t required if you think that your drawing can explain the following questions:

  1. Where did you start your Journey of Art?
  2. What has helped or hindered you on your Journey?
  3. Where are you now in your Journey?
  4. Where do you want to go with your Journey?

Basically, answer the questions and illustrate those answers however you see fit.


Continuous Contour Challenge

Drawing in the Continuous Contour style (that is, drawing only using one line and not lifting your drawing implement) complete the following challenge.  Each drawing should fill half a sheet of newsprint.

  • Four portraits
  • Two pieces of art with people in them
  • Two interesting item assemblages


Cross Contour Challenge

Drawing in the Cross Contour style (that is, one line and drawing the inner contours of a shape) complete the following challenge.  Each drawing should fill half a sheet of newsprint.  You shall draw:

  • Two portraits of real, live, breathing people’s faces (in the flesh)
  • One assemblage only using rounded objects
  • Your hand


Contour Portfolio

You will need to make a small portfolio that has the following items in it:

  • 2 Spaghetti Drawings
  • 2 Continuous Contour Drawings
  • 2 Cross Contour Drawings
  • 2 Blind Contour Drawings

You will have the choice of selecting what you think is your best work for me to mark.

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